Pashupatinath Darshan Yatra (History)


There are several stories involving the origins of Pashupatinath Darshan (Yatra). One story goes, in brief, that Shiva and Parvati came to the Kathmandu Valley and rested by the Bagmati river while on a journey. Shiva was so impressed by its beauty and the surrounding forest that he and Parvati changed themselves into deers and walked into the forest. After a while the people and gods began to search for Shiva. Finally, after various complications, they found him in the forest, but he refused to leave and they had to use force. In the fight Shiva lost one of his antlers, which later became the first lingam worshipped by Hinduists in Pashupatinath. Later this relic was lost, and found again by a herdsman, whose cow showed the location of lingam by irrigating the place it was buried with her milk.

Pashupatinath Darshan Temple


The Pashupatinath Temple is a famous Hindu Temple dedicated to Pashupatinath(Lord of animals) and is located on the banks of the Bagmati river north-east of  Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Pashupatinath darshan yatra is the most important temple dedicated to god Shiva.


The main temple of Pashupatinath Darshan Temple is a building with a bunk roof and a golden spire. Pashupathinath Temple is the oldest Hindu temple in Kathmandu and was constructed in 753AD by King Jayadeva. But, it was reconstructed in 12th century and 17th century after that.

It has a Nepalese Pagoda style of architecture, different from the traditional Hindu temples of India. This (Pashupatinath Darshan) temple is also on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Pashupatinath Ji Darshan(Idol)


Pashupatinath Temple stands in the center of the town of Deopatan. Inside the temple there is a narrow ambulatory around the sanctum which contains a one-meter high linga with four faces (chaturmukha) representing Pashupati, as well as images of Vishnu, Surya, Devi and Ganesh.

pashupatinath-temple (1)


Maha Shivaratri is observed in Pashupatinath Darshan (temple) with great devotion. Thousands of pilgrims visit this temple to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva.The festival of Kartik Ekadashi celebrates annually by organizing a fair.

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 How to Reach Pashupatinath Temple:

There are regular bus services from Kathmandu (from Ratna Park or City Bus Station) to Patan,. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Goshala, the stop for Pashupatinath Darshan. Battery-operated tempos depart from near the Ratna Park office in Kathmandu and drops the pilgrims at Ring Road, west of Pashupatinath Darshan.