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Frequently Asked Question - Nepal Tour

Traveller may have many question related with their trip. We have tried to provide answers of some common question which you always have in your mind. If you have any confusion regarding your trip or destinations, Contact us at our given number.

Yes, we require a passport to travel nepal. But if you are from India you can carry any one of the below document.

  1. Voter ID
  2. Passport
  3. Aadhar Card (only for senior citizen above 60 Years)
But it is recommended that if you have passport than please carry with you. Also for people having a baby, try to carry original birth certificate with you. 
*No VISA is required for Indians.

It is near aboout 365 Kms . It take almost 8-9 hour as its a hilly areas and zig zag roads. 

There are many places from where you can visit Kathmandu via air but two major places where you can fly to kathmandu is  from New delhi and Patna, it takes max 50 min – 1hour to reach Kathmandu airport.

You can travel to Kathmandu or Nepal from India via Bus, temp Traveller or any Car. You can get any option like bus & car etc from Gorakhpur or hire it from anywhere and visit Nepal. There is a certain amount of fee daily basis and easily visit any place in Nepal.  

Nepal has faced disaster in the past, which completely demolished Nepal. You can see all these in pictures at Darbar Square . It has recovered from that earth quake and is totall safe. People dont have to worry at all.

Well you can get a lot of travel agents options at Gorakhpur or any other districts. Well you can take quoatation and compare every minute details about the nepal tour package . you can read it here how to choose nepal travel agents.

Yes we can use indian currency at Nepal. Notes which are allowed are only below 100 that is

Rs 10, rs 20, Rs 50 and Rs 100 are allowed at Nepal.

Rs 200, rs 500 Rs 2000 are not allowed at nepal. 

Please try to carry notes below 100 else it will not be accepted anywhere. Or you can use Credit Card at Nepal at many places. 

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