Top 5 clothe’s color combinations for hill station 2024

Summer has arrived and now is the time when train & Buses will be packed prices for flight would be at a high. Everyone will be busy planning for the hill station. Yes, I say Hill station because for other places like sea beaches or other places, usually, people avoid visiting their coz of humid, sweating, etc.

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A dilemma for everyone visiting any place is what to wear, as they have a lot of things to wear for the professional occasion or sports outfit in the wardrobe but most of the time they don’t have time to think what to wear in hill stations or what color combinations to try there. We have mentioned below a few colors to try at hill stations which will give you an amazing look.

Yellow Tshirt or Jackets:


Visiting at hill station means green trees, hills, and fog. At such places many times it happens that there are low lights or even at day time sun come for very less time. At this time trying Yellow T-shirt or jacket will give you a cool look. Trying yellow with camouflage pants will make it even better.

Below is what you should try:

  • Yellow tshirt
  • Camoflague pant/skyblue jeans
  • Sky blue pants/sorts

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Light Blue Outfits:

Trying Outfits for upper and in blue (Light) will give you a decent look, Blue has many shades like royal, navy, sky and even more. try to wear outfits which is light in color, it will give your pic a cool look.  You can match with some any dark colored trouser or jeans.

Below is what you should try:

  • Light Blue Tshirts
  • Dark Blue or black jeans

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Try White Outfits:

  • White is, of course, one which can be tried anytime. White t-shirt with blue jeans or camouflage or any dark trousers. You can try this not only at hill station but at sea beaches also. You can again wear dark coloured jackets with goggles.

Below is what you should try:

  • White Tshirts
  • Sky BLue jeans or Dark Blue, Black Jeans
  • orange or any blue or black jackets

Orange Jackets or T-shirts:

Orange is always said to win our hearts, people love oranges than why not to try this, orange is a light color, it will differentiate you in the crowd. try orange outfits with dark-colored camouflage colored jeans. If our skin tone is light you should try this and your Facebook or Instagram pics will be flooded with peoples expressions.

Below is what you should choose:

  • Orange colored jacket
  • Dark colored trouser or Blue jeans

Black is the King:

For every male person black has been like a king colored, you can try this as upper with any light colored jeans or you can try black jackets with Light Tshirts under them. You can try blue jeans or camouflage pants. You can wrap your neck with a muffler and give your pics a uniqueness.

Below is what you should choose:

  • Black jackets with light Tshirts
  • Light Colored jackets with a Black T-shirt under it.
  • Camouflage pants or light-colored trousers.

You can try any light colored outfit with dark colored jeans or pants. Most of the time when there is less light or low light , these outfits will give your pics a cool look.

Things to be always carried away with you:

  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen lotion: DIrect sun on mountains
  • Umbrella
  • Diaper for babies
  • Tissue: running nose on the mountain is common

Basically what remains after a trip is your memory and pics. so why to waste it you can easily try these colors. All these colored outfits like t-shirts and jeans are very common. What needs to be done is to match it with a perfect color combinations.

Hope you like reading it. If you liked our article simply share it with your friends.



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